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Hinweis #2240 zu Programmieren, Mathematik

Github: Queueing theory

Queueing theory is the mathematical study of waiting lines, or queues. We use queueing theory in our software development, for purposes such as analyzing and optimizing our practices and processes, such as our customer service responsiveness, project management kanban planning, inter-process communication message queues, and devops continuous deployment pipelines.

Hinweis #2189 zu Programmieren

Infinite Negative Utility: Leaving Haskell behind

What pushed me away from Haskell?

  • the stylistic neophilia that celebrates esoteric code but makes maintenance a chore
  • the awkward tooling that makes working with Haskell in a day-to-day sense clunkier
  • the constant changes that require sporadic but persistent attention and cause regular breakages

Signals & Threads S03E02

A Poet's Guide to Product Management with Peter Bogart-Johnson

Peter Bogart-Johnson was one of Jane Street’s first program managers, and helped bring the art of PMing—where that “P” variously stands for “project,” “product,” or some blend of the two—to the company at large. He’s also a poet and the editor of a literary magazine. In this episode, Peter and Ron discuss the challenge of gaining trust as an outsider: how do you teach teams a new way of doing things while preserving what’s already working? The key, Peter says, is you listen; a good PM is an anthropologist. They also discuss how paying down technical debt isn’t something you do instead of serving customers; what Jane Street looks for in PM candidates; and how to help teams coordinate in times of great change.